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This Monday has drawn to an end for me...
With black, dust clouds around me...a light I now see.
From fear to peace..I feel the transition:
From a dirty, old coal a beautiful mansion.

I’m sorry I leave you to grieve me this way;
But I wouldn’t come back to these mines one more day.
The tasks left undone you now must complete
I’m resting today at my dear Savior’s feet.

And don’t weep too long...Go on live your lives.
This to my family...the children and wife...
I will see you the sweet bye and bye;..
Where coal dust will never again dim my eyes.

So pack away the bucket, the light and the hat.
I have everlasting life...Won’t need all of that.
And someday when God’s ready...he’ll call you to the fold...
I’ll wait for you by the river, on the streets of pure gold.

Massey Employees 2010-
“I Once Was Lost...But now, I’m Found...” Amazing Grace....

©Sandy Evans
Used With Permission Of Author
All Rights Reserved
Sandy was inspired to write this poem 3 minutes after the mine disaster at Massey Energy’s Upper Big Branch Mine  in Raleigh County, W.VA
"MY husband quit Massey mines in November 2009 following four days in the mines...He says it so dangerous he was scared to go back...He was a black hat so he would probably been on day shift for six months. He was working in that mine. My brother in law who had started his three days off on Monday has been mining there for awhile...He is a roofer and would have been among the missing. I thank God, I still have them here...and I pray to God that he comfort the families who no longer have their loved ones."

Sandy Evans- Wife of a coal miner at Massey Energy's Upper Big Branch Mine In Raleigh County, W.VA.
Author: Sandy Evans
Wife of a coal miner at Massey Energy's Upper Big Branch Mine In Raleigh County, W.V.
Coal Miners in Kentucky