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Copyright © 2012  Roger Philpot All Rights Reserved
   Images © Roger Philpot - 2012 
My shift just started its dark down here

There are three trapped miners

Back there in the rear

Their families are waiting

At the face of the mine

To see if these miners

Make it out this time

They’ve all made it out as the crowd starts to cheer

Why, we’ve not had an accident in over a year

Hands are clapping, the folks are sincere

Just what happened is still not clear

This coal mine is dreary but the pay is good,

I sure would leave here, if only I could

There are mouths to feed and bills to pay,

You’ve got to work somewhere

So I’ll just stay

JESUS loves me, in my heart, I know

He chose me to work down here in this coal

He made me strong

And gives me the courage

To be not afraid

To mine coal that he laid

I need overtime

To make an extra dollar

As I walk on deeper

This holes getting smaller

LORD, be my guiding light

As I work here tonight

When this shift is over

And I go outside

I will look forward

To that sweet sun so bright

Thank You for your blessings, in each and everyway

These things I ask my Savior, each and everyday

I’m proud to tell you that I’m a coal miner

And the men I work with, couldn’t be finer

Working in this mine is a nature study

You’ve got to be safe and watch out

For your buddy

My back sure hurts

But I feel lucky

It’s a real good job
In the state of Kentucky

A kentucky Coal Miner
© Phyliss MC Arthur Robinette
Used With Permission Of Author
All Rights Reserved
  I'M A Coal Miner
       Author: Phyllis McArthur Robinette

Jimmy Wayne MCArthur- Coal Miner
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Kentucky Coal Miners