For his children to have it better

  Than to my Father was an obsession his goals were set prior to the days of the great depression before he left the flatwoods of Clay County Kentucky.

  Dads new found utopia was a section of the commonwealth surrounded by mountain range on the       headwaters of the Cumberland nestled in the shadows of the Appalachian chain in beautiful Harlan       County. Coal mining was dads profession the pay was poor, the days were long he left for work            before the break of day we were asleep when he came home from the pits beneath the hills of              Harlan County

  Dads castle was a coal camp house that didn't include a bath if listed by a realtor would probably       read four rooms and a path in beautiful Harlan county

  Hard times and snake statements were the ways of life where did Daddy's money go for pinto             beans, flour that came in printed sacks from which mommy made our clothes when I was growing        up up in Harlan County.

   ****I'm not likely to forget****

  I was born in the coal fields of Eastern Appalachia. I grew up in the black mountain chain. Born the      son of a coal miner and im proud of it. As I am the coal dust now flowing through my veins.

  I'm not likely to forget the way my Daddy made his living digging coal  in the East Kentucky hills or     the coal camp house, company store. The biscuits and the gravy and those pinto beans we ate            most every meal. Flower sack frocks my mommy made.

  I remember living in an East Kentucky mansion.  Better know as coal camp camp house as a little       boy I envied the folks who lived next door they lived in a bigger one, had four rooms and a path.

  I remember the good ole days back home in Harlan County when we grubbed a hillside farm to             subsidize the two days a week my daddy worked the coal mine sure made it hard to survive.

  I'm not likely to forget the way my daddy made his living digging coal in those East Kentucky hills        or the coal camp house company store, the biscuits and gravy, and those pinto beans we ate
  almost every meal.********************************************

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A Coal Miner's ObsessionAuthor:
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Kentucky Coal Miners