By: Shahzad Manzoor Channa

  My poem describes my love and devotion towards my field  and this devotion arose from the   poor mining conditions of my country Pakistan.  The need to encourage mining industry here   in Pakistan is important for economy.
  Shahzad Manzoor Channa (Pakistan) final year student of Mehran University of Engineering     and Technology.

vilify not my realm of fate
i'm at the place where all can't get
here are love memories and no fuss
mountains even don't stand in front of us

we are the only to see the earth so deep
take out gold, diamonds and leave nothing to sweep
the country's develoment and it's yardstick of treasure
how high we take the economy up mind cannot measure

i wish i could jot it down on your brains wall
without mining no country can rise from it's fall
mining resides in our hearts front section
your imaginations are our our sucess fraction

from the Mariana's trench to the Everest peak
my Lord  Help us to uncover what else is left to seek
down deep in dark our approach ends until metals shining

©Shahzad manzoor channa
Used With Permission Of Shahzad Manzoor Channa
All Rights Reserved

  A Miner's poem

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Composed By:
                         SHAHZAD MANZOOR CHANNA (Pakistan)

(in support of Workers Memorial Day in honour of four brothers Who died in Mine accident)

Inside mine, lost in the June of 1984, the race of life

Four trapped left behind worrying friends, children and wife

Tears washed away hopes to see them back

Could not stand again where they fell on the track

All went in vain those efforts and wishes made

The demise of loosing you could still not fade

For you, every year a day is watched to tribute

On June 20th, whole nation steps ahead & contribute

Should not our wishes and prayers go waste

My Lord! In peace lay their souls to rest

Dedicated to:
                      Sulo Korpela
                      Richard Chenier
                      Daniel Lavallee
                      Wayne St. Michel

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