When I was young, I knew this man
  Quiet as he was, in most of his ways He dreamed!

  Though trapped in a land of coal fields
  And hard times He refused to give into the pain Of his reality

  He just dreamed anyway, often seeing
  Himself far away from deep mines And stripped hills
  In places more beautiful; under circumstances Fairer

  Sometimes, it seemed to me
  Wishing on a star aged the man early in life
  Beyond years granted, as did working
  In the lowest seams of coal unmasked!

  Though the lines upon his face and hands
  And the sparkle within his eyes, and smile
  His story could be told if study was taken
  One of misfortune mingled with hope of future

  For if he could not overcome his plight in life
  Then his dream, was someday in time His children would!
  And in that time, his loss in life would be his gain In Heaven!

  ©Floyd Jett
  Used With Permission Of Author
  All Rights Reserved

  Published :The Breathitt Advocate 08-27-09 
  Trials and Tribulations Column

"Coal Miners Plight"
Author: Floyd Jett
A Coal Miner And His Son
A Coal Miner And His SonA Coal Miner And His SonA Coal Miner And His Son
A Coal Miner And His Son
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